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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Item will not ship until after the book's release on April 23, 2024.


Miles Langrave's story is revealed in Unmasked, a Benevolence & Blood spin-off novel.


The boys who age out of the orphanage become soldiers. That’s the way of it. That’s always been the plan for Miles Landgrave.

His own past is a mystery to him and he’s content to keep it that way. With his sights set on a higher rank, it seems his true life’s purpose is finally within reach. Soon, he’ll be able to step out of the shadows of survival and into the role he was born to fill.

When he meets Cielle Andyr, all of it comes grinding to a halt. He’s never questioned his own allegiance nor the horrific acts that allegiance will soon force him to commit. But now, he sees everything in a new light, one he was convinced didn’t exist.

For the first time in his life, Miles has more to live for than his duty, placing him at a crossroads between the honor of love and the love of honor. As unrest grows across the continent, he must choose between love and duty, between a sworn oath and a longing heart.

But a world doesn’t exist where he can have both.


*PRE-ORDER* SIGNED Paperback - Unmasked

Expected to ship by early May
  • 268 pages

    5.5" x  8.5"

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