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Petra's story continues...

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Petra’s entire life has just fallen apart and come together all in a single breath. Against her will, she’s been promised to the Rebel King, head of a bloodthirsty army amassed by force. But now that her true bloodline has been revealed, not everyone is content to sit idly by while her powers are abused in the name of conquest.


Meanwhile, King Belin struggles to reconcile a twisted past — and the part he played in it. As he moves forward from unimaginable grief, he realizes the only future he’s interested in is one with the woman he’s forbidden from loving.

As Petra uncovers what it means to be the daughter of the two most powerful beings in existence, she must learn to balance the weight of a crown she never asked for while learning to accept her life had never been her own to begin with.

Amid the chaos, the time looms near when Petra must come face to face with the force behind her life’s destruction — Lord Evarius Castemont.

Uncertain of what the future holds, Petra continues her crusade for the truth, praying to the Saints that salvation is waiting in the wings.

Unmask the thrilling second installment of Lauren M. Leasure's Benevolence & Blood Series

SIGNED Paperback - The Bones of Benevolence

  • 460 pages

    5.5" x 1.6" x 8.5"

    1.4 lbs

    ISBN 979-8987234921

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